Private interior design project

This loft, made up of 260 sq. m of living quarters and 280 sq. m of a hanging garden, is situated on the top floor of a building for commercial use and houses the ultimate manifestation of innovative technology possible to date in a home. The design and building were carefully handled right down to the smallest details, creating a space which plays with the two versions of white, gloss for the doors and windows and matte for the divisions of the rooms, a single type of wood, naturalised oak, for the floors and main table, and Trend mosaic for detailing in the service rooms such as bathrooms and living area. Large sliding windows separate the living area from the hanging garden, creating a single area between interior and exterior.
The kitchen is separated from the living area by a single-block wall covered in black Trend mosaic with black grouting with mouldings enclosing niches with LED lighting towards the living area and a sink/pantry area towards the part with the kitchen. This single-block wall is detached from the ceiling to add even more depth to the living area towards the windows. A fully glazed cellar has been created, full height and clad internally with wood, where wine is stored at different temperatures according to type, without physical separations, thus making this feature a key area of the home. The bedroom was designed and created with logistics dictated by needs of the client such as the placing of the walk-in closet between bedroom and the other rooms and internal corridor which separates the laundry from the master bathroom. Internal light shines through large skylights with electronic mechanisms and domotics control like all the utilities in the home: lights, climate control and security.

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