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This medical and healthcare centre, with design by architect Enrico Musso who is also owner and manager of the facility, was developed on an all-inclusive basis in order to provide numerous specialist services. The reception was built with research into the construction in every detail, from the ergonomics aspect given the high flow of patients, including the disabled and pregnant women, to security of personal data with the strong need for privacy, and the pleasing aesthetic able to maintain understated and clean lines. Every single detail of every consulting room was handled carefully, from the colours to the made-to-measure furniture, to give the patient the feeling of not being in a normal hospital but instead in a welcoming and relaxing ambiance yet without creating the sensation of an expensive and elitist clinic. A blood lab was also created for the analysis of blood and biological materials, in stainless steel throughout and made to measure, and its working logistics studied and coordinated, going beyond current legislation in force. > DOWNLOAD THE CASE HISTORY

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