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Musso Holding Srl was the brainchild of the architect Enrico Musso as a response to the need to rely on a specific unit dedicated to design creativity and financial development of situations and sectors not strictly related to the core business of the parent company Musso Srl in Codroipo (Udine - Italy).
The organisation is made up of a complete team of highly qualified professionals with in-depth design experience, demonstrated by the many projects already carried out in areas where Musso Holding operates today.
Musso Holding Srl is equipped for the analysis, design and building of commercial, residential, business and medical facilities without geographical restraints.
The actual design of commercial and residential spaces ranges from the feasibility study to the building of the actual structure and the related interior and exterior outfitting.
Musso Holding, through the use of cutting-edge equipment and the aid of the state-of-the-art technologies available on the market, is able to meet any request by clients, enabling them to understand the design easily and visualising it with the greatest reality possible. Musso Holding is today a benchmark for the design and building of health facilities such as consulting rooms, clinics, hospitals, operating theatres, dental surgeries and spaces for personal care and prevention. The workflow at Musso Holding starts with the feasibility study and ends with the working design of the entire building.
An actual application of these concepts is the private Friul Medica clinic in Codroipo (Udine), managed by the owners.
The architect Enrico Musso has focused closely on the design and construction of prefab residential/business modules with high added value. This production is carried out in-house at Musso Holding in Codroipo (Udine - Italy).
The strong points of these buildings are numerous: maximum heat insulation, speed of installation, fittings for utilities and optimised transportability even with light vehicles due to the fact that the residential or business units can be completely dismantled with a single key without the aid of screws or other types of fastenings.
High dimensional flexibility, easy customisation and very low costs of the finished product mean that Musso Holding has made this product one of its strengths.
This product can also be equipped with innovative technologies such as for example integrated photovoltaics, making the structure practically autonomous.

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